Poll: Do Your Kids Know About Sexual Assault?

Recent sexual assault charges against a school bus driver may make some parents wonder how to help their children through such a situation.

After interviews with 37 Port Washington-Saukville School District students, a former school bus driver has been charged with sexual assault of two young boys.

While the 57-year-old man, Randy R. Mayer, 225 S. Madison Ave., Port Washington, — children and families are left facing dilemmas of their own:


  • How do you deal with the aftermath of being a sexual assault victim?
  • How do you make sure your child is able to identify whether he or she has been sexually assaulted?
  • How do you help your child come out with the truth about his or her assault?

Marian Ballos, child welfare manager for Ozaukee County, said it's important that families take the time to seek professional help.

"Talking to a mental health counselor, working through anger issues and fear and loss, shock — all of those things would be a normal process for a parent (to go through)," she said.

In Ozaukee County, parents can contact the Mental Health Center at 262-284-8200 for more information about meeting with a therapist, Ballos said. Parents can also look to the Advocates of Ozaukee County — which works specifically with victims of domestic and sexual violence and also has a youth main site — by calling 262-284-6902 or 877-375-4034.


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