Supt. Weber Promotes Optimism for Kids

A video sharing messages from Supt. Michael Weber's book appears on YouTube, along with live music, gloomy kayak surfing and the emergency siren — caught in action.

"You need to view the world as a positive, loving place. Help your children do the same."

That's just one of the many messages in a video about optimism, created by Port Washington-Saukville Supt. Michael Weber according to YouTube user investozaukee. The video promotes optimism as a key ingredient to children's happiness and success.

And YouTube has acted as the medium of choice for plenty of other people right here in Port Washington and Saukville.

The chicken? Yes, "The Chicken," uploaded by user Michael Neumeyer is a song written by a band played live at the bandshell at Veteran's Memorial Park. As the band says, "We're going to do something now, that you'll probably hate — and we're sorry, but we'll keep it short. Like I said before, one of the things we like to do is try to make our music worse." It's not as bad as you would think.

Kayak surfing, in October? Yes! Watch as this guy splashes with the waves on what appears to be a gloomy day, video uploaded by kcbraband.

Have you heard the emergency siren, but never seen it? User FSThunderboltfan1000 uploaded a video of the spinning beauty.

Have you posted some video to YouTube that we don't have here? Add it via "Upload" link.


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