Explosion from Bourne Identity Film Re-Enacted in Saukville

Check out the explosion in this two-minute video and other short action films made by a brother duo in Saukville.

Filmed in Saukville, the first video above is based off the original movie "The Bourne Identity."

Jason Bourne walks out of the house with a shotgun and blows up a propane tank in order to create a distraction while he hunts down someone sent to kill him.

Don't worry folks, a propone tank wasn't really blown up. The explosion was composited into the scene with a software called “Adobe After Effects,” which allowed the makers, Devastator Digital, to take a previously filmed explosion and integrate it into the scene.

Other short films include:

About Devastator Digital

The brother duo Taylor and Joshua Zorn from Devastator Digital live in Saukville. The brothers do most of their filming in either Saukville or Cedarburg.

In middle school Taylor Zorn got a cheap camera from his parent for good grades. Over the years he created a number films and then his brother Joshua Zorn became involved.

"We both have a passion for making films and experimenting with ideas, special effects, acting, and other sweet things," Taylor Zorn said. "Our videos are all currently short, action focused shorts because we wanted to gain more skill before attempting to take on much more complex short films."

What's next for these two?

They are collaborating with other aspiring filmmakers and friends with ideas for a short film that revolves around a C.I.A. operative and the other is about journeys in people's lives. 

"We are very excited to create new films and we're always looking forward to making our films more professional," Joshua said.


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