Java Dock Hopes Saturday Event Gives them Wings

The coffee shop is offering a weekly event for visitors to the store to learn how to fold origami cranes with an end goal of 1,000 birds created.

Things are starting to take flight at the Java Dock Cafe where business owners have put together a regular event based on Japanese folklore involving origami cranes.

On Saturdays, visitors to the business are invited to join in the folding of origami cranes with the overall idea of eventually folding 1,000 of the paper birds.

"The origin of this idea is founded in an old Japanese folklore stating that whomever folds a 1000 paper cranes will be granted one wish," Manager Nichole Kloss said. "I simply enjoy folding the cranes and, even more so, I love sharing this with people."

"There's a common goal with a simple task that can be shared over coffee and conversation," she continued. "It's a super great community/relationship building project."        

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As cranes are folded, they will be added into the decor of the shop, Kloss said. Currently the cranes are working their way up the stairs, and will eventually hang from windows and the ceiling. 

"At this point, after 2 workshops and personal folding of my own, we're at about 150," she said. "We've got some folding to do. We may not fold a 1000, but it's more about the process than the outcome."          

Folding workshops are held from 9 to 11 a.m. each Saturday during December.

"The cranes are gorgeous in mass," Kloss said. "I'm excited to keep building our collection.  This will be an annual project and hopefully a fundraiser for either the International Crane Foundation (located in Baraboo) or a local organization. I hope the project expands each year."


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