Scouting for a Good Deal? Head to Village-Wide Sale

There's still time for Saukville residents to add their house to the list for the 2nd annual Village Wide Rummage Sale hosted by Saukville Area Historical Society.

The philosophy of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is what organizers hope inspires shoppers to attend the 2nd annual Village Wide Rummage Sale in Saukville. The Saukville Area Historical Society is hosting the event on Sept. 10.

"We have a good time," said Anne Kertschner, president of the Saukville Area Historical Society.

Village residents are encouraged to register their address for the rummage sale through the Historical Society for $5, which will include their location on a map being distributed to shoppers. The registration fee covers advertising and printing costs for the maps. The deadline to register your home is Sept. 6.

While historical society members hope to see a profit from hosting the event in future years, that’s not the goal of doing it now — their real motivation is to do a service for the community.

"This is something that we do to participate as good citizens of the community. We volunteer our time to put it together," Kertschner said.

“The people are profiting from it," said Judy Jacoby, a board member with the historical society. "We are supplying the advertising, the maps and the convenience of the people to register. So this is for the community, not for us."

Members would like shoppers and residents alike to become more interested in the Saukville Area Historical Society and the community.

"The goal here is to bring awareness to outsiders as well as some local people that have never been here, because we do have a historical society that’s accomplishing a lot of things," said Cindy Douglas, board director with the Historical Society.

Organizers hope when rummagers come to find some good deals, they’ll want to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant or come back another day to enjoy an area park.

Historical Society members say the $5 fee is less than half of what you would pay to put out a private rummage ad. At the same time, it helps the historical society with their goal, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

While rummage sale season kicks off in the spring and is in high-gear during the summer, organizers thought hosting the village wide rummage in early fall would be a good way to help the shopping season last a little longer.

Maps for the 2nd annual Village Wide Rummage Sale can be picked up starting on Sept. 8 at , , the ,  and area gas stations.

The event goes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but organizers say that’s just a suggestion.

"This (time frame) is strictly up to each person that’s participating. If they want to open at 7 a.m., if they want to close at 5p.m., that’s their prerogative,” Kertschner said.

Shoppers who want to support the historical society can purchase fry bread and other baked goods at a historical society members' house at 1075 S. Main St. during the rummage. The profits from the bake sale will go toward the Saukville Area Historical Society.


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