Police Chief, Captain Earn 2 Percent Salary Increases

The salary hike came after a 6-month review of both employees, and had been accounted for in the city's budget.

The Port Washington Common Council approved a 2 percent salary increase for two police department officials — an amount Mayor Tom Mlada said was already available in the budget.

Both Police Chief Kevin Hingiss and Captain of Operations Mike Davel earned increases after satisfactorily passing their 6-month reviews, Mlada said. 

"It was actually part of the initial job offer," Mlada said in an e-mail to Patch. "A promised review at six months and, provided job performance was satisfactory, the bump in pay."

Because it was planned for, it was also accounted for in the city's annual budget, Mlada said.

with an $86,000 annual salary. He will now make $87,720. Davel was promoted to Captain of Operations when Hingiss became chief with a $81,500 salary; he will now make $83,130.


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