Most Popular: The Flaw in Gun Laws is its Far Too Restrictive

Patch area residents submit their opinions on a daily basis, and this roundup shows you the most popular reads, including talk about gun control, an analysis of Clay Matthews sacks and discussion on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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You can join by following this link and clicking "Post on Patch." But, if you're not ready to write — then catch up on this week's most popular reads:
  • Gun control: Recently, state rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) issued a response about gun control laws, but blogger  says he only agrees with her on one point — that the gun laws are flawed — but not for the same reasons. Read his .
  • Political motives? While this nonprofit claims to be about reducing violence in society,blogger  wonders whether .
  • On Mitt Romney: Blogger  dishes on his .
  • Football time: Are you ready for Packers season? Read blogger 's sports update, for which he
  • Human rights: Are you aware of the existence of ? Have you ever read it? Blogger  gives you your chance.


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