Christmas on the Corner Offers 'Small Town' Feel

Christmas on the Corner brings joy and spirit to hundreds of Port Washington residents of all ages. The event ran in downtown Port Washington last Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m.

From Santa Claus to Reindeer to Christmas carols and shops, Port Washington families and friends had lots of activities to participate in throughout Christmas on the Corner.

"It’s nice because it’s not over-crowded," Port Washington Resident Ruth Sova said. "It’s nice because it has that small town feeling, which is what we are. Everybody is special; we’re not just a number going through."

Ruth Sova has attended the event off-and-on for the last twenty years. She brought her grandchildren this year. Sova has seen improvements over the years with the city.

"The city is doing more-and-more to bring people into town, and its more-and-more consumer friendly," Sova said. "I’m really proud what’s happening with Port Washington."

Another local resident, Kelly Olsen, brought her 3-year-old son Casey Carroll to the festival because of his passion for animals. This is her second year coming to Christmas on the Corner.

"He’s (Casey) going to remember the Reindeer," she said. "He's an animal lover, so he’ll remember the Reindeer, and going to see Santa Claus."

Residents were not the only ones who enjoyed themselves. There were many Christmas carolers who brought joy and spirit to all those attendees.

One group of five that drew large crowds was led by Dean Calin. The group members come together from Milwaukee to Chicago. In spite of the early evening rain, Calin described why the group loves coming to Port Washington, and why so many residents braved the rain to listen to them sing.

"We have a thick fan following in Port Washington," Calin said. "We've been performing here for ten years. People have come to love the music that we do, and the Christmas parodies that we sing."

"Port Washington has always been a welcoming town for us," he said. "We love it. We stay at the local hotel. We eat at the local restaurants, and everyone is very-very happy, and enjoying the season. We’re celebrating our tenth year January 19. We all have fairly-serious day jobs, and this is the happiness in our life. This is the light that makes us smile at the end of the day.”

Business owners also benefitted from the event. Children this year volunteered their time to help out local businesses. Scott Schweizer, owner of Anchor Men’s Wear, appreciates the value of children helping out with the event.


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