Son of War by Donald Zlotnik

Just finished reading this book.  One of the stories in there about racial tension/racial riots in Baumholder, Ger (8th Inf Div) caught my attention.  I was the Division Adjutant General's personnel supervisor (SSG promotable) at Div HQ in Bad Kreuznach (Rose Barracks).  At the time I was one of the Division staff who was on jump status and jumped with the 509th Airborne Inf for pay.  This was during 1972-1975.  I (being in the position I was) knew pretty much what was going on around the division.  MG Cleland was the CG at the time of an incident in Baumholder.  A group of black soldiers (I think around 40 give or take) jumped around 8 or 9 white soldiers and almost beat them to death before they were stopped at gun point by Captain Zlotnik (I think he was a Cpt).  After the MPs arrived, it was discovered that a black LT was leading them.  I couldn't believe later on when I realized nothing had been said about this publicly and now realize after reading the book that it was pushed under the rug.  The blacks told the authorities that they had happened by and were treating the beaten soldiers stating someone else had done the dirty deed.  Cpt (?) Zlotnik caught quite a bit of heat over this for "pulling" a gun on the blacks.  Oh yeah, he was the duty officer that night out in the field.  I've heard Maj (ret) Zlotnik has, over the years been castigated over the truth of his story (purported to be untrue).  I just want to try and help this Vietnam Veteran's integrity, at least on this one story out of his book.  I have never met or talked to the man but sometimes the truth has to come out.


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