Volunteer Zone Coordinators Needed!

Interested? contact ggierach2000@yahoo.com
Interested? contact ggierach2000@yahoo.com
We are looking for good people throughout the State of Wisconsin to volunteer as zone coordinators. These people would represent their particular location in the state. To start out, I mapped out 7 general geographic areas across Wisconsin. These areas can be sub-divided, tweaked and modified as we go. Many people have expressed wanting meet & greets closer to home. A person can volunteer to cover... a county, cluster of counties, or a city, village or township.

An Example: Jane Doe volunteers to cover Marathon county. Jane Doe would organize meet & greets a couple times a year. Jane Doe can choose whatever venue and time for the meet and greet that works for the people in that area. Jane Doe recruits volunteers to assist her. People in Marathon county would like to have a support group. Jane Doe would set a place and time for that to happen perhaps in a church basement or something. The people in Marathon county would like someone to help advocate for their child with IEPs of 504 plans. Either Jane Doe herself or someone appointed by her can volunteer as an advocate. This person can be trained by Warren or knowledgeable people within the foundation. Jane Doe would collaborate with other Zone Coordinators and exchange ideas and knowledge. We would have a Dyspraxia Wisconsin Committee and have a support network. If interested e-mail ggierach2000@yahoo.com


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