Hit-and-Run Driver Smacks Man in Elbow

There are no suspects in connection with the minor hit-and-run said to have happened in Port over the weekend.

A Port Washington man blamed as the driver in a hit-and-run incident inside city limits is decidely innocent because his car was dirty.

A 31-year-old man called Port Washington police at 7:23 p.m. Saturday to report that while he was standing near his vehicle in the 400 block of North Franklin Street a vehicle driving by hit him in the elbow, according to police reports. The man said the car did not stop — and though he was not hurt he wanted an apology.

The man, joined by a friend, then searched the area for a car that looked like the one involved in the hit-and-run. They found what they believed to be the vehicle involved driven by a Port resident, according to reports.

Police made contact with the 21-year-old Port man, who said he had just returned from working in Mequon, the report said, and the man who had been hit was waiting to talk to him outside. The Port man told police he had not hit the 31-year-old man.

Police checked the vehicle and noted that it was a 4-door vehicle despite the fact the man hit said the vehicle had been a 2-door. The officer also noted that the vehicle had "a large amount of dirt" along the side, and there was no brush marks to prove someone had been hit.

There are no other suspects in connection with the incident, the report said.


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