Man Flees After Bar Fight, Loses Shoe

A 21-year-old Saukville man is facing disorderly conduct charges after punching another man outside a Port Washington bar and then fleeing the scene.

A 21-year-old Saukville man is facing disorderly conduct charges after punching another man outside a Port Washington bar and then fleeing the scene, causing a foot chase for the suspect — and it's a woman that seemes to be at the root of the altercation.

Brock Henke was charged Monday in Ozaukee County Courts with one count of disorderly conduct, and has since been released from custody after signing a $500 signature bond; Brock is not to be near Schooner Pub — where the incident occured — or have contact with the victim.

According to the police report, Henke was out at Schooner Pub on Feb. 16 when a man with whom he does not get a long with showed up at the bar; he and the man don't get along because of issues over a girl, the police report said. The man told police he tried to buy Henke a beer, but "that did not go well."

The man then left the bar with a woman, but Henke was outside. That's when Henke threw a punch at the man, injuring his right eye, the police report said. Henke then ran away, and a foot chase with police would later ensue.

But first, police learned of the incident through what they thought would be a random traffic stop at about 12:30 a.m. with the woman and man who was punched. According to the police report, an officer noticed a car attempting to make a right turn off of Franklin Street, and failing several times. In talking to the woman driver, she said she was unfamiliar with driving a manual vehicle — which the car was. The car actually belonged to the passenger, the man punched in the face, who was too drunk to drive. The two were trying to get to the police department to report the incident.

After receiving a description of Henke and learning that he had fled on foot, other officers were notified of the man on the run. Another on duty officer noticed a man running alone on South Wisconsin Street. The officer drove in that location and, according to the report, when the man saw the cop he started running faster.

The officer lost track of the man, but later found footprints that he began following in the snow. Among the footprints was a single shoe that Henke had apparently lost while fleeing the area, the report said.

Police made contact with Henke's brother, who was in the area after Henke called for a ride. His brother had not found Henke at that time, and when police followed up later in the night he still had not been located.

Police made contact with Henke at his residence the following day, the report said. Henke was gathering his things as they arrived and preparing to turn himself in.

He is set to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. March 20 for a plea hearing.


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