Police: Home Burglary, Pistol Stolen From Car, Alarm Goes at School

This week's police report's includes a home burglary, 5 stolen iPhones and a stolen gun.

These incidents are part of the Greendale police's weekly call sheet from Nov. 30 - Dec. 6.

  • A home burglary was reported on the 8800 block of Westlake Drive on December 3. The suspect entered the home through an unlocked door and stole two credit cars and an Illinois driver’s license from a purse.
  • An alarm went of at Highland View Elementary after a window was broken at the school on December 4. Officers chased the suspect who ran out of his blue Adidas shoes. There is extra watch and checks on the building.
  • Three iPhones were reported stolen on December 5 from a Sprint kiosk at Southridge Mall.
  • A .40 caliber pistol was reported stolen from a car on the 6700 block of Greenway on December 5.

Retail Theft

  • One theft at Buckle
  • Six thefts at Kohls
  • Two thefts at Boston Store
  • One theft at Macy’s
  • One theft at Sears


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