Port Police Help in Oak Creek After Sunday's Shooting

Port Washington is one of many agencies that contributed resources during the ongoing investigation of the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

About 200 officers from throughout southeastern Wisconsin came to Oak Creek to help after the , including a group of four Port Washington officers on Tuesday.

Port Washington Police Chief Kevin Hingiss said the officers were on scene from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Tuesday; among the officers who went were Lt. Eric Leet, Officer Eric Schmeling, Officer Jason Bergin and Officer Jerry Nye.

"Our officers kept the scene secure for Oak Creek Police," Hingiss said in an e-mail to Patch. "I do not anticipate our officers helping out (later this week)."

Law enforcement is still investigating the incident in which  opened fire and at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. Patch's media partners at Fox 6 have more on the investigation into the shooter, Wade Michael Page, and a possible motive. In particular, investigators are interested in his background in the "supremacist music scene."

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Page had been shot and killed by police at the scene, but the situation was chaotic. Six were dead and three injured, including . People were hiding inside the temple, there were initial reports of multiple gunmen, and there was a large area that needed to be searched. 

Oak Creek needed a lot of assistance, and agencies from all over the area responded. Assisting officers helped with the incident, which is being classified as domestic terrorism because of the use of violence for social or political reasons. 

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. Officers from a variety of Milwaukee-area departments have been on scene, helping with things such as traffic control and blocking off certain streets that are still closed while the investigation continues. The temple itself and the immediate surrounding area, considered the crime scene, are still inaccesible.

— Local Editor Mark Schaaf and Local Editor Viviana Buzo contributed to this report.


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