Port Police Report: Officers Track Down Woman Who Threw McDonald's Puke Bag Out Car Window

A roundup of the lastest activity from the police blotter also includes a pair of baby ducklings in need of a new mom, a gas drive-off with an unidentified driver and more.

Everything has an equal and opposite reaction — it's a basic rule of physics. What goes up, must come down.

But this Port Washington resident learned that it can work in other ways, too. What goes down, must come up. And what makes a mess, must be cleaned up.

A person in the 1500 block of North Wisconsin Street called police at 4 p.m. April 9 after seeing someone throw a " bag that someone had gotten sick in" out of the car window.

Police contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who then came to clean up the litter.

Looks like her "sick" relative now owes her and equal and opposite favor.

More from the reports:

  • Wanted — mother duck: Police responded to a call at 6:02 p.m. Thursday about a woman who had been seen taking two baby ducklings from the 400 block of East Jackson Street. Police found the 41-year-old Saukville woman with the two ducks, who then explained to police that she was attempting to find a monther duck to "adopt" her two baby ducklings — but was unsuccesful. The question remains where the ducks came from in the first place.
  • Missing your phone? A 21-year-old Port man was cited for disorderly conduct at 6:35 a.m. April 9 after a report was received that he had tampered with a vehicle in the 400 block of Summit Drive overnight. The man also left his cell phone at the scene.
  • Pump and ditch: Police received a call from , 1430 W. Grand Ave., about a vehicle that had driven off without paying for its $65 gas bill. The store staff said the drive off appeared intentional. The vehicle was a tan, older van with disabled plates. The suspect is a white male between 20-30 years old. He was wearing a red hat.


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