PD: Ring Thief Caught Trying to Sell Stolen Jewelry

A 32-year-old Saukville woman is facing felony charges for retail theft after allegedly stealing the items from a Cedarburg jewelry store.

A Saukville woman is facing felony charges after stealing rings from a Cedarburg jewelry store and then trying to sell them to a neighboring business.

Onyetta Kretlow, 32, was charged on Monday in Ozaukee County Courts with one charge of felony retail theft, intentionally taking something. She faces three years and six months in prison as well as $10,000 in fines. 

Kretlow visited Ambruster Jewelers in Cedarburg on January 15 and was looking at a variety of jewelry, according to the criminal complaint. Kretlow was working with a single employee, and "appeared to be trying to distract (the employee) by having (the employee) look all around the store."

Some time during the visit, Kretlow went behind the counter; when employees told her she was not allowed back there, she left the area, the complaint said. Kretlow then purchased a piece of jewelry and left.

Later that day, the owner of another store in Cedarburg, Pagoda, visited Ambruster Jewelers and told employees a woman had tried to sell her two rings that looked like items Ambruster sells. Employees checked the area where those rings were stocked, and noticed them missing, the complaint said. The rings were originally stored in the area that Kretlow had gone behind the counter during her visit.

The Pagoda owner also said that Kretlow had attempted to steal from her store as well, the complaint said. When the store owner realized that an item was missing, she asked Kretlow about it and searched the floor. Though the store owner saw nothing on the floor, Kretlow was able to produce the missing item.

Kretlow told officers that the two rings had accidentally been placed in her bag when she made her purchase from Ambrusters, the complaint said. She did, however, admit to attempting to sell them.

One ring is valued at $2,750 and the other at $195. She is set to make her initial appearance in court at 10 a.m. Feb. 12.


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