Two Charged in Grafton Bomb Incidents

Police say two men built and tossed a smoke bomb into an area tavern, then on another occasion tossed a homemade bomb into a truck with people inside at Lime Kiln Park.

Two men are accused of tossing homemade bombs at people in two separate occasions in Grafton.

Ryan M. Boreman, 21, of Grafton, and Vince L. Lueck, 20, of Sheboygan, were charged in Ozaukee County Circuit Court Monday with one count of second-degree reckless endangerment of safety and one count of possession of explosives for unlawful purposes. If convicted, they each face up to 12 ½ years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

The first incident took place Oct. 13 at Scooter’s Place, 1412 Wisconsin Avenue, when witnesses said a man walked into the bar and tossed a smoke bomb inside. The bomb hit one patron in the back and another patron chased the man outside.

On Nov. 9, Grafton police officers met with a man who said someone had just tossed a bomb into his truck while he and some girls were at Lime Kiln Park. The man said they were parked near the recreation building and in the parking lot when they heard what they thought was gunfire, then saw a strange-looking station wagon come and begin to circle them before stopping for a long time at a stop sign.

The man and the girls felt uncomfortable, so they drove deeper into the park and were near Lower Lime Kiln Park when the car appeared again. One of the occupants tossed a bottle that was hot to the touch into the truck, the man said, so he tossed it back out and the device exploded.

Officers were able to later determine the item thrown inside was a “works bomb,” which can maim or kill someone.

The man said they heard pinging and thought the people in the car were shooting BBs at them and they were unable to leave because the car was blocking the way. Eventually they were able to escape and went to a nearby McDonald’s to call police.

The victim said he got the license plate number of the car and through an acquaintance learned it was registered to Boreman. An officer went to Boreman’s residence in the 1600 block of 6th Street, where he found a 1987 Plymouth Reliant station wagon with a tinfoil ball on the front seat. Tinfoil balls are used in the construction of a works bomb.

The officer got a search warrant for the car and discovered more tinfoil along with another homemade smoke bomb identical to the one tossed in the tavern. They also found a stump remover, which contains potassium nitrate, also used to construct homemade bombs.

Boreman told investigators he learned how to make the bomb on YouTube and the initial plan was for Lueck to set it off outside of Scooter’s and they would watch it from a nearby pizza parlor. He said Lueck tossed the bomb inside and said Lueck was also the one to toss the bomb inside the truck. Lueck admitted to his role in the bombs as well.

Both men are currently being held in Ozaukee County Jail on $1,500 bond while awaiting trial.     


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