Woman Steals iPhone, Helps the Victim Search for It, Police Say

A Cedarburg woman, 21, is accused of stealing an iPhone while at Foxys Bar, then trying to mislead police officers by claiming another phone belonged to her.

A Cedarburg woman is accused of stealing another woman's iPhone from an area bar, then helping the woman try to find the phone.

Lindsey C. Hansen, 21, was charged in Ozaukee County Circuit Court on Oct. 30 with one count of theft and one count of obstructing an officer. If convicted, she faces up to 18 months in prison and $20,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Jan. 5, the victim was at Foxys Bar, when she realized her iPhone 4 was missing. She made a notable fuss about the disappearance, including turning over a bench, and she was eventually asked to leave.

Hansen was at the bar as well and while the victim was searching for the lost phone, she loaned her her mom's phone so she could call 911. Hansen then helped the woman look for the phone and the two exchanged e-mails days after the theft.

Police officers obtained records from Apple after the incident and discovered the account had been changed to Hansen's name and she had downloaded content from her iTunes account onto the stolen phone. Hansen was interviewed by an officer who asked to see her phone. Hansen gave the officer a different phone in an attempt to mislead him in the investigation. Hansen will make her initial appearance in court Dec. 18.


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