Gov. Walker: State of Our State

Gov. Scott Walker delivers his weekly radio address.

The state has partnered with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association to produce and distribute brief radio address once a week.  Audio files and a written transcript of this radio address can be accessed online. To download an mp3 file you can visit Walker's website, right click the radio address link and click “save link as.”

Here is the transcript from this Thursday’s radio address, which is titled State of Our State.

Hi, this is Scott Walker.

On Wednesday, I reported on the State of our State. 

We looked back to last January and remembered that during the three years before I took office, Wisconsin lost 150,000 private-sector jobs. The unemployment rate a year ago was 7.5 percent.  And after years of tax increases and budget tricks, Wisconsin faced one of the largest budget deficits in the country.

 Now, our unemployment rate is down from a year ago.  In fact, it's the lowest it’s been since 2008.

During the past year, we added thousands of new jobs.  And we balanced the state budget.  In fact, we balanced it -- without raising taxes; without massive layoffs; and without budget tricks; all of which allowed us to put more than $1.2 billion of new state money into Medicaid programs like Badgercare and FamilyCare.

Not only did we invest in important programs, but we also protected the taxpayers.   Property taxes across the state are the best they’ve been in 15 years, and the K-12 property tax rates are down for the first time in years. 

 In my State of the State address we laid out plans to help the people of Wisconsin create more jobs, to keep our budget balanced and to insure that every kid in the state has access to a great education.  A year from now, I hope that I can report on how these plans helped improve the lives of all of our citizens in this great state. 

Working together, we can move Wisconsin forward.

Adam Wienieski February 02, 2012 at 02:05 AM
The Wisconsin budget deficit is calculated and reported two different ways. It's confusing and people quote information with no effort to keep it straight. The state budget is balanced on a "cash" basis which counts expenditures only when payments are made. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) require the "accrual" accounting method meaning expenditures are reported when the spending is authorized. When Walker first took office the estimated cash shortfall was about $3 billion, after his budget reforms the state's general fund probably showed a $300 million surplus while the Comprehensive Annual Fiscal Report (CAFR) prepared by the legislative audit bureau using GAAP showed approximately a $3 billion deficit. To keep things in perspective the state's financial statements have been in the red ever since it began using GAAP in 1989.
Say What? February 02, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Adam, I would liken your quote of this fictional writer to that of those who quote the bible on "an eye for an eye". The greater works as a whole might be more important. Or maybe, its just plain outdated.
Patriot February 02, 2012 at 11:10 AM
Well with the recent signing of The Right To Work Bill in Indiana, I think the silent majority are finally being heard. Its time for fiscal sanity!! Considering the CBO just released their prediction for the Country as a whole. They forecast unemployment to be above 9% by year end. Hmmmmmm so it seems the progressive liberal ideoligies are working good:)) Gov Walker will prevail and his ideas and direction will move Wisconsin forward.
JW February 05, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Wow... Ms. Peel is something else. I see she seems to love calling people home-schooled as if that is some winning move that proves her higher intelligence instead of something that makes her seem ridiculous. Plus... really, in my life I have not run into that many home-schooled people, yet it seems in her mind everyone she disagrees with must be home-schooled? On top of that, I wouldn't personally assume someone home-schooled is lacking academically. Every individual is different. Looking through a few of her recent posts, Mrs Peel apparently sits around and counts out the number of times people post in a thread, or the grammatical errors they make as some proof of their viewpoints being irrelevant. It is purely non-substantive bashing. I encourage everyone to take a moment and look at some of her recent posts. Ridiculous. I am glad to see she is anti-Walker because she can only add to making that side look more fanatic. Plus, you gotta love a grammar snob who includes their own uncaught grammatical errors "withing" their posting about grammar. I personally don't generally get caught up in pointing out grammar mistakes because eventually everyone has some, and often they are more typos than anything else. More often than not grammar mistakes are a mistyped word or using the wrong form of a word in the heat of a discussion. I have been inspired to consciously avoid paragraph usage as a new general rule online now since it rubs Mrs Peel the wrong way... lol.
Cynthia February 05, 2012 at 05:06 AM
I have a sister-in-law that home schools her kids...... Amazing how smart they are. They even do plays and skits for their town and travel around their State performing. They also know the Constitution up and down and would put many public school children to shame.... Ya know mrspeel some parents are or should have been teachers............. You think they lack the skills to raise and teach their own kids? .


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