Hovde Wins Among Port Washington, Saukville Voters

Turnout in the Port Washington and Saukville area ranged between 24 and 35 percent in the U.S. Senate primary; former Gov. Tommy Thompson came out on top statewide.

Port Washington and Saukville voters followed county trends in voting for Eric Hovde in Tuesday's U.S. Senate primary race, despite former Gov. Tommy Thompson coming out ahead statewide.

Thompson won the race with 34 percent of the vote, according to counts on JSOnline.com. Hovde had 31 percent statewide, but won Ozaukee County with 36 percent.

In the town of Port Washington there was overwhelming support for Hovde, where voters gave him 42 percent of the vote. The town of Saukville voted Hovde with 37 percent; he garnered about 32 percent of the vote in both the city of Port and village of Saukville.

Here's breakdown of local votes in the U.S. Senate primary race:

Thompson Hovde  Neumann  Fitzgerald Town of Port 28%      42% 12.5% 16.5% Town of Saukville 26.5%     37.5% 17% 19.5% Village of Saukville 24.5%     32% 13.5% 18.5%

City of Port

26.5%     32% 12.5% 16.5%

Voter turnout in the town of Saukville was the highest in the area, with 35 percent of residents heading to the polls. In the town of Port, about 30 percent hit the polls. The city of Port Washington saw a 25 percent voter turnout, and the village of Saukville trickled behind with a 24 percent turnout.

Thompson will face Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November general election, when voters can decide who will take the retiring Herb Kohl's seat in the US Senate.

$$andSense August 16, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Won the battle, lost the war. On to the next story Patch. Tommy is the choice of the majority, good, bad or indifferent. Move on.
Terry August 17, 2012 at 05:16 AM
No no... this will bear fruit down the line. Hovde's approach and campaign forced Thompson to go on the record on far more fiscal conservative issues than he would have. Makes it harder (although not impossible) to slip back to his tax and spend roots.


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