Readers Say 'Yes' to Dog Park in Port

Officials have checked out a few viable spaces to add a dog park in Port Washington, merely opening the door to a conversation about adding such a place in the city. Where do you think is a good place to add one?

The idea of adding a dog park to Port Washington sparked plenty of excitement and "yes" answers from Patch readers.

"I think a dog park in Port Washington is an absolutely wonderful idea!" Betty Fields-Mueller wrote on Patch. "I currently take my dog to Grafton and would love to be able to take her somewhere closer to home."

Mayor Tom Mlada and other officials have begun tossing around the idea of adding a dog park in the city, checking out a few possible places to have the park but looking for feedback from the community before moving forward. The idea is to have the space be a city-owned park, but run and funded mostly by volunteers interested in the cause. 

Nearby dog park options are fairly limited: many people head to Muttland Meadows in Grafton to let their dogs run free, and some people frequent a fenceless dog park in Mequon, formally known as Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park.

Patch reader MB said he goes to Grafton, and likes the operations at that park.

"Would love to see a dog park in Port," he wrote. "Muttland Meadows in Grafton is nice — not overly controlled. Proof of vaccines, screening process, etc., might be overthinking it a bit. Big dogs especially need a safe place to run off leash for awhile. Hope to see it happen. Any chance one of the locales is near the lake?"

A poll on Patch had 100 percent of the voters supporting the dog park, and others jumping into the conversation to offer location ideas.

"YES!" Robert B. wrote about supporting the dog park. "The open field next to Harbor Village. Empty parking lot to use and it's in the middle of town. It's a big empty field that costs a fortune to cut I'm sure. Toss a fence around it and let's go! Tired of people with unleashed dogs in Sauk Creek Nature Preserve!"

Do you have a location suggestion for a dog park in Port?

Tell us in the comments.

Robert B. January 11, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Like that very smart Robert B person mentioned in the article, I've always thought the field south of the Harbor Village would make a great dog park. I don't know if they own it or the city owns it, but what I do know is it's used for absolutely nothing. Somebody pays to mow it every year. There is an unused parking lot right there that can hold at least 20-30 cars so parking isn't an issue. All that would need to be done is fence the whole field - something that could be done with volunteers and fund raising. Maybe plant a handful of young trees, toss in some garbage cans and signs, and we've got a nice park. I've always envisioned the field would be at least 1/2 natural prairie style with trails. The other half would be kept mowed so there would be a nice sized field so dogs can run. It's directly in the middle of town and withing walking distance for at least half of the dog owners who live in town, I would guess. Nearby home owners might be a little concerned about noise but if you think about it - do dogs bark in a dog park? Not as much as you might think. Dogs mostly bark when they CAN'T reach other dogs. If Harbor Village owns the field then what a nice gesture to the community to donate it to the city. I'm sure it would be easy enough to get some legal documentation so they wouldn't be liable for anything that might happen injury wise.
Steven January 12, 2013 at 02:13 PM
I agree with Robert on this one.


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