Rep. Stroebel Named Chairman for State Committees

Rep. Duey Stroebel of Saukville has been named the committee chairman for State and Local Finance as well as the Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems.

Editor's note: The following information was taken from a press release submitted by Duey Stroebel.

Rep. Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville) has been named the Committee Chairman for State and Local Finance as well as the Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems.  

The committee on State and Local Finance is newly created and is expected to receive legislation that focuses on fiscal issues the state and local government face. The Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems makes recommendations on legislation that affects retirement and pension plans for public officers and employees. Among other things, the committee will attach a statement to each retirement bill that describes the proposal’s purpose, probable costs, actuarial effect, and desirability as a matter of public policy. 

"I’m very pleased to be named to these two committees," Rep. Stroebel said. "Act 10 gave municipalities the tools they needed to give them financial flexibility in order to be effective stewards with taxpayer money. As the committee chair, I’ll be looking at legislation that adheres to that philosophy in order to make Wisconsin government more efficient and effective.

"As for Joint Retirement Systems, the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is one of the most well run in the nation. I want to continue to improve its status as a rock-solid tradition in Wisconsin government. We must be ever-diligent in that regard."

The chairmanships will take effect when the Legislature convenes in January for the 2013-2014 session.


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