Romney Wins Port Washington, Saukville

Nearly 90 percent of the voters turned out in Port Washington and Saukville on Tuesday for the 2012 presidential election. Local votes also hoped to elect Tommy Thompson of Tammy Baldwin. See the breakdown here.

Editor's note: This article has been updated to include new information regarding voter turnout from the city of Port Washington. It also includes a correction about the percentage of city of Port voters who nominated Romney.

Port Washington and Saukville votes show the majority of residents had hoped the 2012 presidential election would end with a change, with Mitt Romney capturing most votes locally.

The highest gap for Romney was in the town of Saukville where 73 percent voted for the Republican. Fifty-six percent of voters in the city of Port Washington and 62 percent of Village of Saukville voters hit the polls in support of Romney. In the town of Port Washington, Romney got 67 percent of the votes.

Voter turnout topped that of the most recent election — the recall of Gov. Scott Walker in June — by nearly 20 percent. In the village of Saukville, voter turnout was 88.6 percent and 91.7 percent in the town. In the city of Port Washington, turnout sat at 89 and 91.3 percent in the town.

However, City Deputy Clerk Susan Westerbeke said the number of newly registered voters drops the turnout a bit. When the polls opened, the city had 7,533 registered voters; by the close of polls that number was at 8,124, which drops turnout to 82.5 percent.

Local voters' support was also different in the Senate race, where Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin defeated former Gov. Tommy Thompson Tuesday. Fifty-six percent of Port voters and 61 percent of Saukville voters supported Thompson.

"It is my duty to vote," Marge Buchler said, after arriving to the polls at 6 a.m. Tuesday — an hour before polls opened. 

Buchler voted for Obama, who won the election with 303 electoral votes and 50 percent of the popular vote as of 1:10 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

A Port voter who supported Romney was worried that he was the necessary element to a brighter future for this country.

"Our future depends on it," resident Tabitha Bubolz said after voting Tuesday. "What doesn’t count? I’m a Republican, I stay with it. I am very excited to see what Romney can bring to our country."

Presidential and U.S. Senate results only represent votes in Port Washington and Saukville; Congressional and state legislative results are for entire district. Winners appear in italics.

     Race       Democratic Candidates Votes  %  Republican Candidates Votes  %  President - City of Port Washington


2,793 42% Romney-Ryan 3,817
57% President - Town of Port Washington Obama-Biden 322 32% Romney-Ryan 670 67% President - Village of Saukville



36% Romney-Ryan 1,523 62% President - Town of Saukville Obama-Biden 325 26% Romney-Ryan 896 73% U.S. Senate - City of Port  Tammy Baldwin 2,662 41% Tommy Thompson 3,662 56% U.S. Senate - Town of Port  Tammy Baldwin 315 32% Tommy Thompson 648 65% U.S. Senate - Village of Saukville Tammy Baldwin 850
35% Tommy Thompson 1,489 61% U.S. Senate - Town of Saukville Tammy Baldwin 331 27% Tommy Thompson 865 71% 20th State Senate District
Tanya Lohr 30,470 31% Glenn Grothman 66,815 69% 60th State Assembly District
Perry Duman
29% Duey Stroebel
23,873 71% 6th Congressional District
Joe Kallas 136,146 38% Tom Petri 223,514 62%

Source: Ozaukee County website and Fox6News.

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