Sen. Johnson: 'You Need to Save This Nation'

Johnson made his remarks as one of the conservatives participating in the Americans for Prosperity Anti-Obama Policy bus tour. The tour visited Caledonia on Saturday, its only stop in Southeast Wisconsin.

Sen. Ron Johnson , during the only Southeast Wisconsin stop of the Americans for Prosperity bus tour.

During his remarks at Gorney Park on Saturday, Johnson told voters they need to take America back by "retiring President (Barack) Obama in about 60 days." He stressed the ways he feels Obama has failed the American people, including the inability to get a budget passed in the Senate for over three years.

"It's insane that there's been no budget in three years," he said. "The last two budgets were voted on twice with votes of 0 to 610. We are bankrupting this nation and the President put forward unserious plans so even the Democrats won't vote for it."

About 75 people gathered in Gorney Park in Caledonia for the tour stop. While there, they had the opportunity to meet and talk with conservative talk show host Tony Katz, Olympic gold medalist Derek Parra and Johnson.

The good news, Johnson continued, is that on Nov. 6 voters can "save this nation" by making Obama a one-term president.

Freedom was also the big topic with Katz. He spoke first to the crowd, telling them that Obama's administration is perpetuating what he called a government-centered society because decisions are based on ideology and not on reality. Katz called on citizens to remain engaged by bringing more people into the fold who also believe in life, liberty and capitalism.

"Our government-centered society is about poverty," he said. "But I travel around and see more people engaged in this movement because they believe in life, liberty and capitalism."

Parra told the story of the road he traveled to the Olympics to make the connection about choices and leadership. After a spectacular failure in 1997 in a race in Italy, Parra said he changed coaches, and, five years, later, he was on top of the medal stand in Salt Lake City.

"I tell this story because we're in trouble. No matter how hard we work, Americans are struggling to live the American Dream," he said. "So we need to change leadership, to get someone in the White House who can help rebuild lives."

Johnson agreed, and expanded the discussion about freedom to remind people that rights are not granted by the government.

"Rights are not granted by government because the government belongs to us," he said.

But it's also about citizens working hard to protect the freedoms Johnson feels the current president and his administration are trying to restrict.

"We have 60 days to dig in. It is on our shoulders to be informed and inform others so we can save this nation," Johnson concluded. "The left has been relentless in encroaching on our freedoms so we must be relentless to defend them."

Many of the attendees echoed the concerns of Bristol residents Pat and Mary Ring, whose reason for attending and for being active with the TEA Party and AFP could be summed up in one word: fear.

"We love America, but we're petrified by the debt and what it means for our grandkids," Mary explained. "We are terrified to think what four more years of this administration could mean to our economy."

The AFP tour wraps up this leg of the trip at Lambeau Field Sunday before the Packers game. Luke Hilgemann, state director for AFP, said the bus will visit Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa before returning to Wisconsin on Nov. 3 and 4.

Bren September 12, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Using your analogy, oak creek resident, the Bush tax cuts would represent reducing that $80k salary/revenue (going to part-time hours?). The two unfunded military actions increased debt. Saving the economy from collapse also increased expenses, as did keeping millions of newly displaced workers and their families alive while the issues are being resolved. So if your financial responsibilities are $120k, how do you pump up that $80k intake? Most of us would get another job/increase revenue. We'd also look to see if we can renegotiate some of our $120k in responsibilities. That's why there's talk about letting some of the Bush tax cuts expire, that's why the Obama administration is looking at efficiencies in Medicare (you know that Tommy Thompson supported legislation that keeps the government from negotiating med-related prices?). From where I'm "standing," I haven't heard one sensible approach from Republicans on resolving the financial issues. That's why I'm finding it increasingly difficult to take the GOP seriously. We are dealing with real life here, real people, real Americans, real problems. Talking about limiting government as if it is Jabba the Hut instead of US and our voices is as seditious as it is mendacious. We need more voice in our government, not less. Special interests are just that. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard.
morninmist September 12, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Hey @Man... Even the FAR Right is not happy with Mitt and his big mouth! Politico: The WSJ's Peggy Noonan critical of Romney’s response 2 the death of US Libya diplomat http://ow.ly/dFqVX #p2 #wiunion
morninmist September 12, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Top Conservative Cat ‏@TeaPartyCat That awkward moment when Mitt Romney criticizes the President with a lie and not one elected GOP official will back him up.
V. Scheurich September 14, 2012 at 08:25 PM
BREAKING NEW! The President is now proposing to cut $129 Million from America's Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance. Since they are all burned down and destroyed now, this should not be a problem for him. Maybe he will use the savings in construction and maintenance and buy some bullets for the Marines and embassy staff members? http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/14/Obama-releases-sequester-report-cuts-defense-embassy-budget
FreeThought Troy September 14, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Don't you guys like cuts??? Ask ACORN - breitbart.com is the MOST dis-reputable news sorce. I thing the Weekly World News has higher journalistic standards


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