Seven Years Later, Here's Your Sign

The local Rotary Club purchased three city of Port Washington welcome signs in 2005, the last of which just recently came out of storage to finally be placed in its permanent home along the newly constructed Hwy. 33.

Sometimes, things take time.

And posting the welcome to Port Washington city signs is apparently one of them.

Port Washington-Saukville Rotary Club member and former president Rick Nelson said the group had purchased three signs that read "Port Washington Welcomes You," in 2005.

At that time, the club wanted to do something to celebrate the group's 75th anniversary in the city, as well as the national organization's 100th anniversary — also that year, Nelson said. The plan was to buy these city signs at a cost of roughly $70,000, which the club did mostly through donations.

The first sign was posted shortly after its purchase, located on the edge of the Sentry store parking lot.

The second sign didn't post until just a year ago, along Hwy. 32 across from the .

The third sign now finally stands along Hwy. 33 across from .

The cause for the delay? Nelson said the city knew the roads would be changing, and didn't want to place the signs until they knew they wouldn't have to be moved. With the Hwy. 33 construction project nearly complete, the sign was ready to go up.

"It's great, I couldn't be happier with it," Nelson said about the final placement of the last sign.

Terry September 01, 2012 at 10:03 AM
Nice. Good looking signs. And just think, they did it all without one of our mayors sixteen member commissions.


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