Hot, Caffeinated Chocolate Coming to the Chisel

The Chocolate Chisel in downtown Port Washington has plans to add a hot chocolate and espresso drink bar, with lots of unique flavors already in the works.

The Chocolate Chisel is taking its sweets to a new state with the addition of a hot chocolate and espresso beverage bar at the business.

"We want to stand apart ... but we don't want to step on anyone's toes," employee Austin Hicks said, comparing the beverage options Chocolate Chisel will serve versus other coffee and hot drink options already available locally. 

That's why, in thinking up flavors for drinks, Hicks and the Chisel crew have thought outside the "cup": the chocolates already made at the store have acted as inspiration for the flavor ideas.

"I want people to be able to drink their truffles," he said. Ideas such as White Chocolate Lime, Dark Orange and Sea Turtle Caramel are flavors patrons could soon be consuming.

The beverage bar is "a work in progress," so an official date to start selling the drinks has not yet been set, but Hicks said he would hope to see it up and running sometime next week.

Hicks has been adding some fun names to some of the drinks, such as "The Kaiser," which is a liquid rendition of a German chocolate cake.

"It's just going to be so much fun," Hicks said. "Everyone is very excited about this."

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