Genitalia Pic Sent to 11-Year-Old's Phone

The Port Washington Police Department believes someone local used a cloaking app to hide his or her identity while sending inappropriate text messages to the girl.

An 11-year-old girl received a photograph of male genitalia on her cell phone after denying a request by the unknown sender to go on a date.

Port Washington police spoke with the guidance counselor at Thomas Jefferson Middle School who alerted them at 1:42 p.m. Friday of the inappropriate exchange between the girl and the unknown sender, according to police reports.

The girl had received a text message from the number 484-532-3039 on Wednesday, the report said. This number is an eastern Pennsylvania area code.

The sender identified himself as both someone named "Sal," as well as another student at the school, the report said. Police checked with this student, who did not send the messages.

The sender messaged the girl, saying she was attractive and asking her out; the girl responded, saying no to the request, the report said. About 30 minutes later, the girl received a text message from the number containing a photo of male genitalia.

Police suspect a cloaking app is being used to make it look like the message came from an eastern Pennsylvania area code, the report said; officers believe "that this message and photo came from a student or someone in the area who knows (the girl), as he used local names."

The officer advised the girl to make her parents aware of the issue, the report said, and advised that she not communicate with anyone she doesn't know.


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