Pedestrian Hit in Bank Parking Lot

A Harris Bank employee had walked through the back door to leave work when a car pulled in to use the ATM and hit her, sending the pedestrian onto the vehicle's hood.

Fog, rain and a pickup truck were factors in a recent car accident involving a pedestrian in the Harris Bank parking lot.

Police arrived at the bank, 623 W. Grand Ave., at 5:18 p.m. Jan. 29 and found the victim sitting at her desk back inside the bank, according to the police report. The woman, a bank employee, told officers she had left through the back door when a vehicle driving into the parking lot hit her; the woman slid across the hood of the car before landing on the ground.

The driver, after realizing what had happened, got out of the vehicle to help the victim, the report said. In talking to officers, he seemed visibly shaken by the incident. He told police that while he was turning into the parking lot, a pickup truck was partially blocking his view; officers also noted the weather was foggy and raining.

The woman was transported via ambulance, and police took down insurance information for the driver, the report said.


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