Is Your Four-Legged Friend Legal?

Port Washington and Saukville require that pets be registered, and fees go up on March 31. Show off your furry friend by adding a photo of him or her to this gallery.

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Every penny counts, which is why Port Washington and Saukville residents may want to consider registering their pets before the lingering deadline when prices go up.

In both Port Washington and Saukville, dogs and cats are required to be registered. Here's a breakdown of the prices in each municipality:

Port Washington

The city allows each household to have a maximum of two dogs and two cats. Pet owners need to bring an up-to-date rabies certificate when registering their animals at Port Washington City Hall. For spayed or neutered animals, the fee is $6; if not spayed or neutered, its $10. The fee goes up $5 after March 31.


Saukville residents can visit Village Hall during business owners to register their pets, and proof of rabies vaccinations is required here as well. Spayed/neutered dogs cost $8, and $10 if the animal is not; a $5 late fee applies after March 31. A cat that is spayed or neutered cost $5 and $7 if it is not; a $3 late fee applies after March 31. 


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