Peanut Butter Recall Not Spreading to Port Washington, Saukville Stores

Area managers say the affected product was not part of their stores' stock.

Local grocery stores are mostly unphased by the recent recall of certain types of Skippy peanut butter.

in Port Washington still has the product for sale, and owner Joe Sanfilippo said that a notice from SuperValu Inc. — the distribution center that the product comes from — said there was no required retail action at this time.

"They haven't reacted yet because they were still deciding what lot it was," he said, " and who it would affect."

The recall only affects a group of the jarred peanut butter, and the affected "lot" numbers, as they are called, can be easily tracked to the location where it ultimately ended up, Sanfilippo said.

The recall is caused by a possbility of salmonella contamination, and is limited to six best-if-used-by-dates for two types: Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread and Skippy Reduced Fat Super Chunk Peanut Butter Spread, according to a press release from Unilever, the company that makes Skippy. The dates as stamped on the jars' lids include: MAY1612LR1, MAY1712LR1, MAY1812LR1, MAY1912LR1, MAY2012LR1 and MAY2112LR1.

"The recall was initiated as the result of a routine sampling program by the company, which revealed that these finished products may contain the bacteria," according to the release.

store managers in Saukville said the affected product was not found to be shipped to any of its stores; in Saukville carries Skippy brand peanut butter, but not the reduced fat kind that is part of the recall.

The product has been pulled from shelves at in Saukville, though store managers would not comment on the reason and referred questions to their corporate office, which did not return phone messages.

"When it comes to recalls ... if there's anything in question — they might have told us to pull the product just to wait for the answer," Sanfilippo said.

Even though Sentry seems to be in the clear from the recall, Sanfilippo said if anybody has concerns about continuing to use their Skippy products listed in the recall, Sentry would offer credits for returned products.

Edward09 March 12, 2011 at 06:14 AM
The consumers must know these to reduce trouble in health. Because if Salmonella is being penetrated in the body in it cause death. On the other hand, the Food and drug administration takes the mantle of countless small food recalls each month, thousands each year. I found this here: <a title="Peanut butter recall highlights food safety issues" href="http://selectbestwine.com/2011/03/10/peanut-butter-recalled/ ">Peanut butter recall 2011 highlights danger of cutting funding</a>The federal government's funding of the Food and Drug Administration isn't usually considered during these recalls. The 2011 Skippy recall, however, is bringing to mind the reduction in funding. The increase in the number of recalls doesn't seem to be supporting a rise in financing. Instead, lawmakers are considering cutting funding.


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