Buzzers Added to Schools this Week as First Step to Tighter Security

Elementary schools in the Port Washington-Saukville School District will no longer be a walk-in setup as officials work towards increasing security in all buildings.

Elementary schools in the Port Washington-Saukville School District are seeing changes this week to the entrances of the buildings.

As the first step in increasing security measures at the schools, officials are adding a buzzer that parents and visitors will have to ring before being allowed into the schools; the installation is taking place this week, according to an Ozaukee Press article. Video cameras will also be installed outside the buildings for office personel to monitor, all at a cost of roughly $11,000.

The buzzer and camera system is considered a short-term fix to the outdated system of open doors and signs sending visitors to the school's office. In the long term, the district may consider some remodels to the main entrance to enhance security — and officials said such changes will not be deterred by cost.

The district is also strongly in support of ending voting at school buildings.

Officials have been reviewing security procedures since tragedy shook an elementary school in the Newtown, CT, elementary school in December.

This has included an increase in the number of lockdown drills conducted at the schools, as well as a desire to participate in table top exercises to help coordinate effective safety procedures, something suggested by law enforcement several years ago when staff participated in an emergency training exercise with law enforcement.

Tia Maxwell March 10, 2013 at 06:33 AM
I think this is an improvement. I found it odd when i went to pick up my niece and saw people just walking into the school, from every door, when the bell rang. i am used to cedarburg school where the parents had to wait outside and the children were brought out. i also felt a little nervous that i, a person no one at that school has ever seen before, was able to walk up to the school asking "where are the kindergartners?" be let in, and walk out with a child, and no one batted an eye. i'm not asking for paranoia, but still some security.


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