'One Tooth on the Top' Among Wish List Items in Letters to Santa

Elementary students' letters to Santa are full of gift requests as well as questions about the reindeer, elves — and a few warnings for Santa.

There's just a few days left until Christmas and Santa's big journey around the world. Before he heads out the door, however, Lincoln Elementary students wrote some letters to Santa giving him a heads up on their interests as well as asking plenty of questions for Santa. 

Elf Lyssa visited the school to collect the letters, and they were safely delivered to the North Pole. Santa plans to respond soon — so check back for what he has to say!

From the letters

Warnings to Santa

  • "I hope you don't get stuck in the chimney."
  • "Santa, when you go to my mom's house we have a cat so don’t be afraid!"
  • "Watch out for my cat, he will bite you! Be quick because my sister is 20 inches away from you. Also watch out for my cat again, don’t trip over him. If you don’t want to be seen don’t wake us up."
  • "I have a dog, my dog will bark."

 Questions for Santa

  • How is everything going in the North Pole?
  • Is it sweating hot at the North Pole, or is it cold?
  • How do the reindeer fly?
  • Can I leave carrots for the reindeer, or do they want radishes?
  • Does your reindeer laugh at the littlest reindeer a lot on every Christmas eve?
  • Do you have a favorite reindeer?
  • How do I get to the North Pole?
  • How will you get around the world?
  • Do you like chocolate milk? Because I’m going to leave some out for you.
  • How do you make all the presents?
  • Do you have a heater in your sleigh?
  • Does Mrs. Santa make you do the dishes?
  • Can I go with you on Christmas and see how you make sure they get in the Chimney?

 Requests of Santa

  • "I wish I could have a button that gives me good things."
  • "The most thing I want for Christmas is a pony and one tooth on the top."
  • "Rainbow colored shoes"
  • "A mickey mouse warehouse"
  • "Spy gear"
  • "Two dogs and four puppies"


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