Student's Donate Sales from Mock Plant Factory

Ozaukee Christian School of Saukville hosted a mock "plant factory," as part of a social studies lesson about factories and the proceeds will benefit another student's mission trip.

First- and second-graders at got their hands dirty this week in the school's mock "plant factory," as part of a social studies lesson about factories.

The students potted a variety of flowers and decorated the bags with tags and ribbons; each plant sells for $3 and the proceeds will benefit a homeschooled student, who volunteers with the class and is going on a mission trip with her church this summer, according to school Adminstrator Kris Austin. For that reason, students are also getting a lesson in monitoring the expenses and profits carefully.

Teacher Donna Neumann also worked with the students to create a marketing campaign — the posters can be found around the school — as well as divided up the jobs for the planting in an assembly line process.

The event, which Austin said is, "truly a win-win-win for everyone," is something the class does every year.


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